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Professional Recording Engineer/Mixer located in Los Angeles, CA. Experience working with Grammy award-winning producers and artists. Work featured on official Spotify and Apple Music playlists.

My mission is to deliver a final mix that captures the client’s vision for their song in the best way possible. 

To achieve this, I’ll take your recordings and highlight the clarity, depth and energy in each performance, creating a final mix that fills the listener with that same emotion and energy the artist had recording it. I strive for that feeling in every one of my mixes.

I love working on music in the indie pop/bedroom pop genre, as that pulls influences from R&B, Jazz, and even Funk in fresh and modern ways.


I see mixing as a cooperative process between creatives. The more information I can learn about you and what inspires you to create, the better I can help you achieve that sonically. 

Reach out and let's talk about your project! I’m happy to help in any capacity I can.

- Nick Agee

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